Why Mohonk Mountain House?

Built on the deep-blue waters of Lake Mohonk in 1869, this grand Victorian castle is one of
America’s oldest family-owned resorts and has hosted generations of guests with a tradition of
old-fashioned warmth and gracious hospitality.
Mohonk Mountain House and its surrounding acreage were designated as a National Historic
Landmark in 1986. The seven-story castle has successfully maintained its distinct 19thcentury
character into the 21st century by combining Old-World charm with modern amenities.

Mohonk Mountain House stands at the heart of a magnificent 26,000-acre natural area in the
Shawangunk Mountains, which is comprised of the Mohonk resort property, private preserves,
and a state park preserve. Tucked away at the top of the Shawangunk Ridge, Mohonk – or
“lake in the sky” - is a sparkling wonder. Rock formations rise majestically above the water to
frame this enchanting castle. Secluded and unspoiled, this legendary hotel offers a haven of
charm and grace nestled in pristine wilderness.

The resort continues its more-than-century-long commitment to environmental stewardship
through earth-friendly activities and design features such as a geothermal heating and cooling
system and a green roof, an extensive energy saving and recycling program, and green
initiatives that preserve the land and educate people.
On its 125th anniversary, the resort and its founding family, the Smiley family, received an
award from the United Nations Environment Program for “commitment to the protection and
enhancement of the environment and for their inestimable contribution to the cause of peace,
justice, and sustainable human development.”
We hope that the beauty and timelessness of Mohonk Mountain House will provide an inspiring
background for the Aamra Grove retreat.

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